Monday, September 25

Zemmour holds its first rally under threat of riots

The far-right candidate for the French presidential elections Eric Zemmour holds its first campaign rally, which will take place on the outskirts of Paris, where riots are feared between anti-fascist militants and the defenders of the controversial gathering.

The new political face of the French extreme right, known until now for his books and his interventions in the press, where he already had a long list of defenders, hopes to bring together some 19,000 people, According to Olivier Ubéda, Zemmour’s events manager.

After the defeat of the conservative Éric Ciotti in the internal primaries of the French traditional right-wing party, The Republicans, with purposes closer to Zemmour’s line, the extremist urged those who voted for Ciotti to join their ranks and attend this rally.

The meeting with his followers, which will be the occasion of launch your own political party, It was originally planned in the Zénith concert hall, in the north of the capital.

Ubéda indicated at first that the change of room, with capacity for about 6,000 people, was due to the fact that they were looking for a larger place, but the Call for an anti-fascist demonstration at the same point also influenced, for fear of riots.

Anti Zemmour demonstration

The Villepinte Exhibition Park, where the rally will take place, has capacity for a wider audience but also more difficult access. At the same time, the antiZemmour demonstration, where between 3,000 and 5,000 people are expected according to the prefecture of Paris, will finally travel several kilometers north of the capital.

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To try to avoid disturbances also in the transport lines between pros and cons of Zemmour, the police have also reinforced the presence of agents in the metro and the capital, according to BFM TV.

The Paris police prefecture told EFE that there is a device prepared to prevent overflows but he did not want to specify where the troops will be concentrated or what exactly will be the reinforcement of agents.

Zemmour confirmed last Tuesday that he will attend these presidential elections, which will take place in April 2022, as expected. While waiting for the candidate to speak about his economic and social project, his political line focuses mainly on criticizing immigration.

“Help me (…) so that our children and grandchildren do not experience barbarism, so that our daughters do not have to wear a veil and our sons are not subjected“, he said in the video with which he announced his candidacy, where he pointed out that although” immigration is not to blame for all the problems, it aggravates them. ”

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