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Zemmour is not Trump, but he can be president

The infection carried out by Zemmour has gone viral. Ugly, Catholic and very unsentimental, he knocks on the doors of the Elysee backed by two books that he wrote in the wrong order, and that share the cataloging of indispensable and repulsive, because the correct question is whether to read Céline when she published her pamphlets . Was born first French suicide, where he not only declared that “France is dying,” but that “France is dead.” Next, the author has breathed a breath of life into his homeland in La Francia, he has not said his last word. The volume that propels the consolidation of the candidacy is self-published, because the label that was going to launch it was scared of its content.

This son of Algerian Jews, who defends the Pétain’s collaborationist government, he synthesizes his political philosophy in “my increasingly determined positions, increasingly hostile to the Islamization of the country.” He sees a war of religions imminent, prolongs the doctrine of another fearless journalist, Oriana Fallaci. With such light luggage, Zemmour is one step away from ruining the expectations of his greatest enemy, Marine Le Pen. In a chronicle of the tablecloth encounter between the two, Zemmour puts into the mouth of his hated rival the balance of the conflict between the far-right. “Eric, you will get three percent and you will not prevent me from reaching the second round, but you will prevent me from reaching the lead.”

La Le Pen was as off-set in its percentage predictions as it was in its catastrophic electoral debate with Emmanuel Macron, that Zemmour is in charge of ridiculing in La Francia he has not said his last word. With two convictions for hate crimes as a result of comments as disgusting as protected by freedom of expression, the candidate for free and by book of the extreme right is close to twenty percent in the polls in the first round of the elections to the Elysee, a level previously reserved for the theoretical leader of the ultramontanes.

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The polemicist refers to a millenary anti-Islamic legacy concretized with equal force in De Gaulle or Louis de Funès


If someone in Spain feels dislodged by the emergence of an unexpected character and difficult to fit, it must be known accompanied in amazement by the majority of the French, perplexed by the monster that they are inflating with their absorbing attention. Even if it is to avoid the easy equations, it should be noted that Zemmour no es Trump, despite which he can be president of France. Discounting the bias of one party’s testimony, the panelist narrates his meeting with one of those responsible for the rise to the White House of the American jester:

«We have searched among the great French entrepreneurs who could play the role of Donald, and we haven’t found it. We have been studying the situation in France for months. We have seen the differences with the United States, we have understood everything. The French Trump is you.

Zemmour is daring, but also calculating. He’s not afraid of his enemies, not even his friends, though perhaps too many similarities with Trump are building up. In fact, he carefully studies those who insult him, to defeat them with a dialectical key. The Spanish equivalent would be the also highly cultured Federico Jiménez Losantos, if he freed himself from his obsession with word games. In the passion for rowing against the currentHis pronouncements recall Arturo Pérez-Reverte in style and style. Within the literary world, he is paired with Michel Houellebecq, whom he trains on the knot of the tie in a scene from La Francia. He has not said his last word.

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The 2022 elections to the Elysee are currently orbiting around a libelista antiliberal but especially anti-Islamic, which takes refuge in the millenary heritage of Gaul to concretize it today with equal force in the figures of De Gaulle or Louis de Funès. Soon they will hang the populist label on him, which does not square with his intellectual firepower. Of the palatial series made up of Giscard, Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande and Macron, he only respects the first, whom he honors on the occasion of his funeral services.

Francisco Umbral baptized his cat Ramón Gómez de la Serna, without attending to concise criteria. It will have been noticed that Zemmour does not joke even with matters of nomenclature, and although his Éric is followed by a Léon who attends to his origins, he intends to demand French names for newborns. He wants to prevent Mohammed from heading the list of the most frequent. It refers to a law by Napoleon, his favorite emperor, which the Socialists withdrew. Zemmour not only has the last word on France, he wants to change even the names.

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