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Zero Motorcycles, new member of Anesdor

Zero Motorcycles, new member of Anesdor

Zero Motorcycles, new member of Anesdor

Zero MotorcyclesZero Motorcycles, the leading American company in the manufacture of electric motorcycles, has joined the National Association of Companies of the Two Wheels Sector (Anesdor)Anesthetist, which with this new member already represents 69 companies that market a total of 148 brands.

In the words of Jose Maria Riaño, secretary general of Anesdor: “the incorporation of Zero is very positive for the association. At a time when both national and European institutions are betting on the conversion of the automotive industry to the electric model, having an associate with such a track record Internationally prominent is important. ” What’s more, Riaño highlights that “in 2020 electric motorcycles accounted for 8.2% of the Spanish market and this share will undoubtedly increase in the coming years. Having a knowledge of an associate like Zero will undoubtedly contribute to enriching the context of electromobility “.

For its part, Josef MoratJosef Morat, Country Manager of Zero Motorcycles Spain and Regional Manager of Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, maintains that “being an Anesdor associate is an added value for any brand in the world of two wheels. Being part of the national association allows us to discuss regulations , laws and specific needs of the sector together with all the companies of the entity “. In addition, They have to points out that “it is positive that the sector presents its positions together before the administrations with the aim of improving the situation of our clients. Issues about approvals, security, mobility and many others, need that whoever works in this sector can say what is necessary to improve all aspects of safety and profitability in the sector. This is the association’s job, to gather ideas, requirements, suggestions and communicate them to those who bear the responsibility of implementing laws and opportunities. ”

It should be noted that Zero Motorcycles is the The world’s leading brand in the manufacture of high-performance electric motorcycles. The path of this American company began in 2006 in a garage in the town of Santa Cruz, California. The first Zero prototypes gave way to the first models and today, close to its 15th anniversary, the brand has a range of eight models composed of citizen models, more versatile proposals for off-road and even high-performance motorcycles capable of reaching 200 km / h.

Zero Motorcycles stands out for its capacity for innovation patent on technological solutions such as its Z-Force battery pack, the Cypher III operating system and the aerospace aluminum chassis, which nods to the founder of the brand who was a NASA engineer. In short, Zero Motorcycles offers an unsurpassed riding experience with its innovative range of 100% electric motorcycles that are characterized by the balance between performance, autonomy, weight and accessibility.

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