Friday, January 27

Zhou Peng: Suicide of “effeminate” youth in China amid government campaign to make youth “more manly”


Image source, Weibo


The death of Zhou Peng reopened the debate on the pressure exerted by the Chinese government on gender issues.

Zhou Peng, 26, was recently found dead in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province in an apparent suicide.

Shortly before his body was found, he reportedly posted a letter online in which he acknowledged that he had been harassed for being “too effeminate.”

“Guys are supposed to be naughty, fight and swear. Guys who are too quiet and polite are effeminate and called sissies,” he wrote.

“I may have looked a bit like a girl when I was younger, but I dressed ‘normally’ and didn’t try to imitate girls,” wrote the young photographer, who also went by the pseudonym Ludaosen.

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