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Zidane explains his departure and regrets Madrid’s lack of confidence towards him

  • “I am leaving because I feel that the club no longer gives me the confidence I need, it does not offer me the support to build something in the medium or long term,” says the Frenchman in an open letter in the newspaper As

  • “I’m going, but I’m not jumping off the boat and I’m not tired of training,” he says.

  • “Everything that I have built on a day-to-day basis has been forgotten,” he denounces

The departure of Zidane by his own decision, the farewell to the most successful coach of the modern Real Madrid era, could not have been colder, without an appearance, much less a tribute, only a statement as concise as it was inexpressive. But Zinedine Zidane He did not want to leave things like that and has said goodbye, with gratitude, but also with as much or more harshness towards the president’s decisions Florentino Pérez, the reflection that your departure has been tumultuous and unsatisfactory

In an open letter published in the newspaper AS, Zidane begins by expressing the gratitude that he has always shown to Florentino Pérez, but it is only the preamble of transcendent reproaches and clear criticisms of the outgoing Madrid coach towards its president. “I am not jumping off the boat, nor am I tired of training. I am leaving because I feel that the club no longer gives me the confidence that I need “, is the first headline, which Zidane develops with the fluidity and clarity that he has never achieved in press conferences: “He does not offer me the support to build something in the medium or long term. Everything that I have built on a daily basis has been forgotten here ”, wrote the Frenchman.

Filtered messages

“It hurt a lot when I read in the press, after a loss, that they were going to kick me out if I didn’t win the next game”, says Zidane bluntly, in a clear reference to difficult moments of the season, to which the club reacted with ultimatums, the first the loss at home to Shakhtar. It was the month of October, the first game of the Champions League, Madrid came from another painful defeat against Cádiz and the headlines that said: “Zidane in danger” were lavished on the media through the news transmitted by the leadership of the white club. “These intentionally leaked messages created negative interference with the staff, they created doubts and misunderstandings ”, Zidane reproaches in his writing, without ambiguity, who wants to be taken for granted in the Valdebebas offices.

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Another moment that points to climax to explain Zidane’s wear was in January, after Madrid had passed the group stage of the Champions League with a commendable victory in Milan against Inter. But he also lost again against Shakhtar, in Ukraine, and after two draws in three league games, the elimination of the Super Cup, at the hands of Athletic, and the Copa del Rey against Alcoyano were chained. The situation was very delicate and the news went one step further, towards the end of the cycle for Zidane and a whole generation that, despite the good end of the season, is gradually taking shape, with each decision by Florentino Pérez. “I would have liked that in recent months my relationship with the club and with the president had been a little different from that of other coaches, I did not ask for privileges, just a little more memory”Zidane emphasizes in his letter.

Madrid returned to resurface with relative success after the aforementioned Zidane press conference, after being isolated by the coronavirus, in which he made a fierce defense of his work and his team, of which he left that “at least leave us fight “, to which the Frenchman has resorted assiduously. Zidane’s Madrid only lost two games again, a few days after falling in the Cup against Levante, and in London at Chelsea to say goodbye to the Champions League in the semifinals.

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