Wednesday, June 16

Zidane insinuates his goodbye

  • Madrid faces the last two league games with the obligation to win this Sunday to prevent Atlético from being champion

  • The Madrid coach is increasingly elusive when it comes to talking about his future and hints that he will not continue at the end of the season

It had already been glimpsed in each public appearance of the Frenchman, especially since the team overcame the worst moments of the season to reach May with two titles in dispute, but a week before the end of the season, not only have the insinuations, if not that the messages of Zinedine Zidane more and more clearly indicate that your path is heading towards the door of departure from Real Madrid at the end of this season.

Before visiting this Sunday Athletic Club (6:00 p.m.), with the obligation to win to prevent Atlético from being proclaimed champion of the League, Zidane left the usual doubtful signals about his future at a press conference: “You may think that when I quit, I did it because I take off the responsibility or because things got complicated, but I did not leave because of that. Everything I do, I do it hard and there comes a time when you have to change”, Zidane spoke in the middle of a dissertation in three answers that left the sentences that have finished showing that its continuity is, at least, highly in doubt. “There are moments where you have to be and others when it’s over and you have to change”, He insisted, always generalizing.

Excessive zeal when it comes to fighting questions about his future set off the alarms a few months ago and, each press conference, Zidane’s departure gains strength, with more and more indicators and revelations, all between siren songs with Raul Gonzalez as the protagonist of the string of future names for the white bench.

The end of a generation

What is unquestionable is that the generation raised to the altars of football with their victories in the Champions League, led by ZidaneIt is coming to an end and the Frenchman does not seem willing to lead a revolution that will take the block of players with whom he has touched the sporting sky. “I get excited watching my players train, I’m lovin ‘it. I am excited every day. I don’t know what’s going to happen in two or three years, that’s why I enjoy every day. Everything can happen here, this is Real Madrid ”, declared the Frenchman.

From the output of names as a Sergio Ramos who is still on leave, and who has not yet resolved his renewal one month and a half after the expiration of his contract, until the progressive loss of prominence that others must have, such as Modric, Madrid need a new batch of stars and a new leader to guide them.

Defensive losses

Before, Zidane’s Madrid still has to finish a league season in which it retains few title options, at the expense of a stumble from Atlético. To continue pushing for the title, the French coach has to deal with the absences of his entire starting defense, in addition to the latest loss of Kroos, isolated for being direct contact of a positive for coronavirus. Nor will be able to be in what remains the youth squad Marvin, who played well on the right side and had to retire from the field with a wound that extends throughout the calf.

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The one who can return to the starting eleven is Marcelo, who was left out of the last call without suffering any injury, so that the youth squad Miguel Gutierrez complete a great game in the left-handed lane, and he’s back on the list.

The entry of the two homegrown players in the last line-up was a reflection of Zidane’s change, also seen by some as another sign of his next march, in which he left on the bench the big names who were exhausted in London in the Champions League , to bring in healthy and vigorous players who brought a breath of fresh air to the whites.

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