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Zidane tries to excuse Sergio Ramos: “No one is to blame” | sports

Zidane and Ramos greet each other at a Real Madrid-Eibar.
Zidane and Ramos greet each other at a Real Madrid-Eibar.SUSANA VERA / Reuters

In the middle of the downpour that falls on Sergio Ramos, his coach, Zinedine Zidane, again extended the protective mantle to try to excuse the player for an episode that has greatly damaged his image at the least indicated moment: three months after his expiration. contract and with negotiations that have been through for a long time. “Nobody’s fault. Neither the national team nor Madrid. It’s football and these things happen ”, the coach started in the previous one against Eibar (16.15, Movistar Laliga), a match that was discussed between little and nothing.

Everything in the white galaxy continues to revolve around the captain, who will miss a stretch of decisive clashes (from the outset, the quarterfinals against Liverpool and the classic against Barcelona) because he returned injured from the concentration with Spain, which he attended with the main objective of approaching a record of caps (he is four of the 184 of the Egyptian Ahmed Hassan) when just before he was left out against Celta in the League due to physical discomfort.

The questions at the press conference were falling like an incessant trickle and the Frenchman, with his usual calm, was clearing them in his own way: without going into great details, but always with the intention of protecting the Sevillian center-back. “It was good to go with the national team. It is true that he did not go to Vigo, but after three or four days he felt better. It has been a normal process. There he played little and after the game [contra Kosovo, el último de los tres] had a feeling. It’s a small injury, “he added.

The white coach avoided the question of whether he came to speak with Ramos about the advisability of going with Spain when he was coming out of a meniscus injury in his left leg that sent him to the operating room and had him out for two months. “There is a coach who chooses his players and that’s it. I do not enter anything. And then you may or may not go. Sergio was eligible, what happened was and happened ”, he defended.

“There is no plan with Hazard, we go day by day”

He did want to be more specific when it came to separating this episode from the Andalusian’s renewal. “I do not think it will complicate its continuity,” he said in an attempt, from his position, to bring positions between Florentino Pérez and the player. So far, without success. “What we want is for him to stay here. Unfortunately, the injury could not be avoided, like others this year. If you look at all the ones we have had, there are many, “he said. But, unlike on other occasions, in which Zidane showed his anger at the accumulation of matches and the risk that this poses to the health of footballers, this time he avoided delving into that field and strived to give the crisis an air of normality to avoid more environmental noise on a very delicate matter.

Ramos fallen, the one who appeared for a while with his teammates this Friday in Valdebebas was Eden Hazard, injured for the fourth time this season three weeks ago. The slogan in the case of the Belgian remains the same: there are no return deadlines after hurting the right psoas. “We have no plan, we go day by day. We will not force anything, the important thing is that he recovers. It’s going much better. I don’t see him with us in five days or ten days, nothing. If it is in three, better, but the important thing is the day to day, ”he insisted. The one who is already well is Toni Kroos, who did not go to Germany due to a muscle problem and will be available for the abrasive rally of matches that awaits Madrid in the next two weeks. Without Ramos, who only in the last three years has lost the rounds of the Champions League round of 16 against Ajax and City in 2019 and 2020, respectively, in which Madrid ended up eliminated, and now all the quarters against Liverpool. for an injury whose circumstances raise the problem goes beyond the physical.

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