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Zidane’s doubts between the League and the Champions League

  • Thanks to the irregularity of the rivals, Madrid is still alive in the League

  • The whites receive Osasuna without margin of error to fight for the title

  • Chelsea are waiting in three days to fight to be in a European final

  • The French coach has the template between pins, now with Carvajal out

  • Sergio Ramos and Nacho are available again for the match

The irregularity of the contenders for the title has reopened the door of the League to a Real Madrid that, beyond the interest in the domestic championship, has next Wednesday the return of the semifinals of the Champions against Chelsea, with options after the miraculous 1-1 of the first leg. “We only think about the league game,” he said. Zidane to begin with, almost by obligation, before his team receives this Saturday Osasuna (9:00 p.m.).

With five days ahead, and before the Seville visit Valdebebas, Zidane is faced with the dilemma of going for the two titles, with the physical risk that he runs with his squad, or loading all his troops and illusions in one of the two competitions, preferably the European one. In both cases, you run the risk of running out of either, but also having the feeling at the end that you could have done something else in both of them.


Although Zidane wants to fight the League: “It will be complicated until the end, but our strength is to defend well and then we must improve with the ball to make a difference,” he said, there will be changes against the Navarrese team: “Some will not play”, he had to confess, especially thinking of an exhausted midfield with Casemiro, Modric and Kroos monopolizing the minutes.

And is that the injuries continue to torment the whites. “I’m frustrated because I want my players healthy,” claimed a proud Zidane of his season: “With what we’ve been through, what we’re doing makes me very happy. It is not a miracle, it is just work and believing in what we do ”, explained the Frenchman among the constant praise of his players.

Low and high

Still, he has a new tenant in the infirmary. Suffer another Carvajal injury, the fifth of the season, three games after his last comeback and with very few options to play again in the remainder of the season, only with a hypothetical Champions League final on May 29 with just deadlines.

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The problem for Zidane is that the substitute he found during Carvajal’s absences, Lucas Vazquez, he is also injured for the remainder of the course. Neither is Ferland mendy, which points to London, nor Fede Valverde who is waiting for the second negative in the coronavirus test to join work. At the moment neither has entered among those summoned a Sergio Ramos that finalizes his return to be before Chelsea.

The good news for Zidane is that he recovers Nacho, Besides that Danger is ready and points to headline.

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