Sunday, October 17

Zidane’s silence shakes Madrid

  • The planning of the white team for the next season depends on the continuity of the French coach

  • The club still has to make decisions such as the non-renewal of Sergio Ramos or the sale of Varane

  • The staff has arrived exhausted at the end of the year and a generational replacement of the stars is revealed

Zidane He called, time and again, the resolution of doubts about his future at the end of the season, but after the League, with no title to celebrate, the Frenchman answered again on his line: neither yes, nor no, nor quite the opposite. he came to say.

Between the reverential respect that the French coach professes for some footballers who face an unseemly exit, or a recycling through the bench dissonant with their careers, and his reluctant attitude to declare his desire to continue in the Real Madrid, everything leads to think that the departure of Zidane is close, but the step must be immediate because the decisions about the next season are yet to be decided, since the non-renewal of Bouquets until the sale of Early, in addition to some signing.

But at the moment there is nothing. The news of the day after finishing the League was that there was no news, neither officially, nor from the inside, where it seems that the coach still he has not communicated his future to the locker room.

The French coach, who has been wanted from the Juventus until the French team (after the Eurocup), he has a contract with Real Madrid until 2022, but next week they expect meetings with Florentino Pérez to elucidate the next project, once the workforce has shown clear symptoms of generalized exhaustion. The Madrid president has been pulling strings, but without a defined coach he is not going to take any steps.

Cycle change

Although this year the white team has reached a completely unexpected European semifinals, and has maintained title options in the League until the last day, Zidane’s team has finished the season exhausted, with the feeling that they are arriving with ideas, but without the legs, overwhelmed by the twilight of a generation that leaves without having finally been able to green old laurels.

The first name is Sergio Ramos, who remains unrenewed at 35, just over a month after the expiration of his contract. Contradictory information leaked from the club and from the player has been perpetuated for almost the entire season: the former assure that the captain does not accept the downward offer he has and, from the other side, they vehemently answered that he did not. there is an offer and that it is the club that does not want the central defender to follow. Another that has not renewed is Lucas Vazquez, injured after being momentous for Zidane in the season.

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In addition to the sale of Early, by wish of the player, and the almost telegraphed arrival of David Alaba, more outings are expected.

Marcelo He entered the second half against Villarreal, to add his 528th match with Madrid, one more than Roberto Carlos, in what he paints a farewell. Your case is similar to that of Isco: players that Madrid wants to remove from the squad, even at the cost of assuming part of their salaries, as it did with Bullet last year. The Welshman must return to the Madrid discipline, it will be clear whether as a problem or as a solution, and the first thing that depends on is the coach who occupies the bench.

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