Tuesday, December 7

Ziganwu, the new Chinese patriotic bloggers attacking the West

  • Tessa Wong y BBC China
  • BBC News

Social networks

Image source, DAVIES SURYA


The growth of bloggers on Chinese social media has been linked to the ascendancy of Chinese naturalism.

With her broad smile, Chinese blogger Guyanmuchan has a friendly image on Weibo, a Chinese social network similar to Twitter.

The young woman has more than 6.4 million devoted followers on the platform, where she publishes current images and videos.

And all that cute aesthetic of her brand — her page headed by the dreamy image of a girl in a forest — sometimes camouflages her acid tone.

The European Union has the United States “on a leash,” it said in a recent post. The rise in COVID-19 cases in the state of Texas is evidence of a “civil war” in which “Americans are killing each other with biological weapons” in another.


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