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Zontes U1-125, a light and provocative trail

Zontes U1-125, a light and provocative trail

Zontes stomps. The Asian firm has stormed the sales list to become an obligatory reference, especially in the eighth-liter segment. Currently It has a complete range with naked, trail, scrambler, custom and sport touring models with displacements of 125 and 310. With a bold design as a flag, equipment that does not lack detail, good dynamism and an attractive price have made it the object of desire for many users. And the U1-125, the protagonist of this article, is no exception.

The bold design stands out for a striking front with an LED optical group while the engine offers 14.5 hp power and elastic dynamism, in addition to having a slipper clutch to prevent the rear wheel from locking in strong reductions.

The components of the cycle part follow the same script as the propeller with an inverted front fork for better dynamism and a 300-millimeter dynamic brake with double-piston caliper that ensures good braking assisted by ABS signed by the specialist Bosch.

The equipment is part of its attractions with details such as the proximity key or Smart key, the remote opening of the fuel tank cap and the seat, the two driving modes (Eco and Sport), double USB power socket and the protective bars of Serie. The instrument panel is digital in color and offers all the necessary information. The controls are backlit for better control in times of low light. Shad SH23 side cases and hardware are optional and cost 279 euros.

On-the-go offers a flawless dynamic behavior. The height of the seat, 790 mm, makes it available to a large majority of users. When standing still, it moves easily and has a correct turning angle. Just press the start button for the engine to come to life. As it is a 125cc engine, it offers a good response at low and medium speed that make it kind to the city. Although it will not be until passing 5,000 rpm when the engine begins to push with more joy until reaching 9,000 rpm offering a short but usable range of use.

The Zontes U1-125 is easy to carry. Slashes the 120 km / h top speed and consumption is contained. It is comfortable and very attractive, especially for younger users. Brakes well and tires offer good grip although we could not test them in the wet. And by roads they fulfill their function.

Orange, blue, red and yellow are the available colors of a Zontes U1-125 whose price is at an attractive 3.295 euros. And the steering locks and unlocks with the push of a button. What more could you want?

Zontes U1-125 Datasheet

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